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Building Leadership Team (BLT)

Salmon Bay Building Leadership Team

The Building Leadership Team (BLT) is made up of administration, staff, and parents from Salmon Bay K-8. This group maintains two-way communication with their represented groups and makes decisions regarding the school’s Continuous School Improvement Plan, professional development plan, and budget.

BLT Meeting Notes

In attendance: Ms. Dixon, Darren, Suro, Kim, Nicolette, Joelle, Audrey, Lafcadio, Cynthia, Rob, Caitlin, Ticely, Karly, Amy, Tina


  • Review of BLT reps and who they each represent 
    • Kim – 2/3 team 
    • Nicolette – intermediate team 4/5 
    • Joelle – all SPED teachers 
    • Audrey – all IAs 
    • Lafcadio/Cynthia – parent reps
    • Rob Kyker – all specialists, MS and Elem 
    • Caitlin – SAEOPs 
    • Ticely – 6th grade team 
    • Karly – Cascade team 
    • Amy – K/1 team 
    • Tina – Olympic team 

Reflecting on the budget process 

  • SAEOPS – office staff concerns with 0.6 less next school year.  
  • Cascade – the quick turnaround of the budget and not very much time to reflect  
  • 6th grade – 6th grade similar to Karly’s team 
  • IAs – IAs didn’t really get a chance to meet 
  • 2/3 team – they were feeling happy after the first vote but then unsettled after the 2nd. 
  • Darren – more communication and sooner, if possible, to help all make decisions. 
  • Parents – Cynthia and Lafcadio went to FOSB meetings and communicated what was happening in BLT for budget 
  • Admin – changes in use of Self Help $$, what FOSB could afford to help us with this year. 

What about next year? Auction raised significantly less money than previous years. Not wanting to make big changes every year. 

Where is our BLT as a team?

Most people commented we are between “storming” and “norming”. In the “we” stage. 

These two pages will be presented/shared at our staff meeting (in person!) next week on 3/30. 

Plan is to work in groups and brainstorm where we are at and how we can move forward. 

Depends on which group(s)/teams we are talking about – teaching teams, BLT, all staff – all different. 

IAs – more voice – we need their expertise! SAEOPs too. 

Next steps

  • When do we need to have new reps  
  • BLT retreat in August? 

In Attendance: Ms. Dixon, Darren, Suro, Caitlin, Wendi B, Joelle, Lafcadio, Dave, Audrey, Karly, Cynthia, Amy, Carol, Ticely, Kim,  


  • Budget follow-up
    • Option B – Friends of Salmon Bay $119,182
      • .1 music
      • .2 reading specialist
      • .3 MS Teacher
      • .2 nurse
      • 7,500 WEP sing & community building
    • Original ask – Friends of Salmon Bay ask $94,966
      • .2 reading specialist
      • .1 MS teacher extra period
      • .1 music
      • .2 nurse
      • ELEM WEP & Sing Community building
  • Lafcadio – follow up from FOSB ask
  • FOSB will vote on Thursday on whether or not to approve the ask. 

In Attendance: Ms. Dixon, Darren, Suro, Wendi B, Cynthia, Amy, Tina, Nicolette, Lafcadio, Audrey, Ticely, Dave, Karly, Kim, Caitlin, Dave, Carol 


  • Budget meeting #2 
  • Ms. Dixon shows changes since last week.


  • BLT agreed to present Option A to the staff for a vote this afternoon. 

Next meeting

  • Depends on outcome of staff meeting 

In Attendance: Ms. Dixon, Darren, Suro, Audrey, Karly, Tina, Amy, Kim, Caitlin, Ticely, Nicolette, Rob K, Lafcadio, Cynthia, Phoenix 


  • Logo 
  • Prep for budget process  
  • Budget wants—report out from members 
  • Review, Q&A regarding bylaws—one item was requested to be considered for change. Please review notes from 9/16. 


  • Check in about how we’re all doing – hobbies. 
  • Land acknowledgement – Suro 
  • Any feedback from teams – reading program. No feedback shared. 
  • Include teachers in curriculum adoption – Nicolette shared.  
  • K/1 teachers interested in starting Book-a-day if someone can organize/run it. 
  • K/1 uses Hagerty reading program (and Jaxie). 

Introductions by staff

  • Phoenix Johnson – guest/Salmon Bay parent supporting our logo change process.  
  • Ms. Dixon – shared that the district Native ed representatives are in support of us as well. 
  • Logo process – first step will be reading info that Phoenix will send to us regarding a tool kit for changing logos. 
  • Cynthia – after hearing from Phoenix, suggested adding a norm for the BLT. 
  • Darren – need to figure out a budget for this project 
  • Ticely – need parameters and check points for this project 

Next meeting

  • Thursday, 2/17 at 7:30 a.m.