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School Policies and Family Handbook

Salmon Bay School Family Handbook

We hope the following pages in our Family Handbook answer some of your questions and help you make the most of your time with us.

Salmon Bay Student Family Handbook


In accordance with district policies, we have emergency supplies on campus in the event they are ever needed, and our school has an emergency plan that is kept up to date at all times. See an administrator if you would like additional information, or visit the district’s Health and Safety Department. Please note that in case of an emergency evacuation, students cannot be released until all students are accounted for, and then only to individuals as noted on your  Emergency Release Form 

Visitors and Volunteers

All visitors and volunteers during the school day should use the main doors on 65th street, sign in at the front desk, and obtain a visitor’s badge/sticker. Staff have been asked to redirect all visitors/volunteers without proper badges/stickers back to the office to follow this procedure. For evening meetings and events, the north door on the east side of the building (18th Ave) should be used. 

Volunteers are required to watch an online video and have a current background check on file. There are additional requirements for drivers and overnight chaperones. Volunteer packets are available in the front office and on the school website. If you were an approved volunteer from a previous year, please check with a Volunteer Coordinator to confirm your information is current or to provide required updates. 

Before and after school supervision

Supervision begins 25 minutes before school. Students may not be on campus before that time. Once supervision begins, students may be in one of three supervised areas: playground/upper field, cafeteria, or library. Wandering that hallways is not permitted. After school, no supervision is provided unless through an after-school club or school-sponsored activity. 

Commuting to and from school

Drop off and Pick up Expectations

  • Please give yourself ample time to drop-off and pick-up as running late or being stressed shouldn’t be a reason or cause for an injured child
  • Our Load Zone, for drop off and pick up, is on the east side of 18th Ave NW.
  • We treat 18th as a ONE WAY street. Please enter from the NORTH.
  • Vehicles should pull to the curb and allow students to exit on the curb side.  It is not safe for students to dash across the street between cars. 
  • Do Not leave cars unattended in the load zone Load Zone. 
  • Please Do Not Park, Drop Off, or Pick Up in the Bus Zone on 19th Ave NW (west side).  This is for bus load and unload only. We have 10 buses that arrive and leave every day from here.  The Bus Zone begins at 65th and goes all the way to the upper field (West 67th St) —that’s how much space it takes for 10 buses to pull in and out.
  • You can always park above the alley and walk your child into school.  When walking, please do not jaywalk…use the corner crossings to model safe crossing for our students.

Parking: Salmon Bay is in a residential neighborhood with no off street parking. It is important for us to be a good neighbor. Seattle Municipal Code prohibits parking a vehicle within five feet of a driveway or alley. Please respect the bus zone on 19th Avenue and other no-parking zones around the school. There is absolutely no parking in the loading zone on 18th Avenue. If you must enter the building for any reason, you must park elsewhere. Please do not idle while waiting for your student.

Walking: We have a crossing guard on duty at NW 65th St and 18th Ave NW each morning. Please wait for the crossing guard to indicate it is safe to cross the street.

Biking: Bike racks are located on the north side of the building, in the alley below the playground. Access to these racks is restricted during the school day when the alley gates are closed. The bike corral on 18th Avenue is accessible all day for bikers arriving or leaving outside typical drop off and pick up times.

Skateboards and scooters: Students are not allowed to ride skateboards or scooters on school grounds, including alleyways and sidewalks, unless during a planned school event. During the school day, students risk confiscation of their skateboards and scooters if observed using them. 

School bus: The district office mails school bus assignments. Additional transportation information is available from the  SPS Transportation webpage or by phone 206-252-0900. If your student will be riding a non-assigned bus to or from school, the student must have a temporary bus card (green card) to board the bus. Green cards are obtained from the main office.

Playground safety

Please remind your students to use garbage cans, travel feet-first down slides, use walking feet while on wood-chipped and padded areas, be seated when using the super nova, be aware that play surfaces may be slippery, and that play equipment should be treated with care. Playground supervision is provided when school is in session.

 Be Kind • Be Safe • Be Responsible