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    Third Grade Student Supply List

    (please keep student personal items separate from shared class items)


    Student Personal Items (Needed for the first day of school):


    • Two stitch-bound, lined, wide-ruled composition notebooks for writing


    • One stitch-bound, grid-lined, stitch-bound composition book for math.

    Ideally, different colored covers would be great! They often look like this…


    Note: please do not send in spiral bound books or ones with perforated tear-out pages, as they fall apart.


    • 5 Paper Folders only, preferably in different colors with inner pockets on the bottom of the folder, NOT the side of the folder. The folders are for reading, social studies, writing, math and artwork.


    • 2 Large Pink Erasers only


    • 1 Sketchpad (optional) - for students who enjoy drawing to keep artwork organized and to save on classroom paper.


    • 1 Water Bottle labeled with your child’s name


    • 2 Highlighters


      DO NOT SEND any of the following items: hand-held personal pencil sharpeners, scissors, pencil-end erasers, or pencil boxes. (Students have desks with plenty of upper and lower cubbies for storage)


      Items to share with the class:


    • 1-2 packages of pencils (Talia’s class only)


    • 1 regular-size tissue box


    • 1 pack of black dry erase markers


    Note: We will supply School/Home Communication folders.