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    1st Grade Supply List


    For your child’s personal use:

    •If you will be shopping for a backpack, please try to choose a backpack that is big enough to hold a 10x12 book if that will be comfortable for your child. Often the cute, little kid sized packs are not large enough for library books, art projects, etc.

    •1 change of clothing in a ziploc bag (labeled with child’s name)

    •A water bottle labeled in permanent marker

    •A helmet for PE (we will not need these until later in the year)

    •One lined composition book, wide ruled


    Supplies we need for the classroom. Donations are optional and we communally share supplies.

    •Crayola watercolor paintbox 8 colors (or preferred brand)

    •Crayola thin washable markers (or preferred brand)

    •Sharpies, thick (standard size) black ones only

    •Various size pencils without erasers (please no designs or special colors)

    •1 box of snack crackers or package of dried fruit

    •Plain copy paper

    •Scotch tape, preferably refill rolls

    •Painters tape

    •Ziplock bags – quart and gallon size

    •Compost bags – small kitchen size

    •Baby wipes (unscented)

    •Origami paper

    •Liquid Elmers glue (white)


    If purchasing school supplies is a financial burden for your family, please contact the main office (206-252-1720).

    We are happy to assist you with obtaining the necessary supplies.