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    In Attendance: 

    Tess, Gail, Neil, Darren, Carrie, Tracy, Kerrie, Xena, Jenny, Sam (phone), Drew  



    Budget feedback 



    Is a 2/3 split class off the table? 

    If we have .8 or 1.0 teacher can they support writing as well as a math? 

    5th grade does not prefer walk to math 

    If we add a 2/3 class we would have to think about P.E., Specialists, location (small space) 

    If we add a K/1/2 class K/1 classes would be a bit larger and 2nd grade would be slightly smaller 


    Spanish – start with one class and build on that. Ideally starting children earlier. 

    Health (1 quarter class) – Home room? Science? P.E? 

    partner with P.E. 

    homeroom would be inconsistent 

    Raise P.E. allocation from $1000 to $2000 

    Neil proposed to move forward with Option A, Sam seconded it. 100% agreement. 


    Action Items: 

    More discussion around how we want to add/teach Health 


    Next meeting: