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    In Attendance: Neil, Drew, Sam, Jenny, Tracy, Kerrie, Darren, Xena, Carrie, Gail, Kevin, Tess 





    Night tours next Wed  

    February 14th dyslexia training  



    Black Lives Matter at School week Feb. 5-9 

    Neil shared the information he received from the district and will send out a link to all staff 

    Wear BLM shirts on Monday 

    Monday assembly for 7-8 grade to introduce PRIDE 


    K-5 tours 6:00-7:00 

    Meet as a group, walk through building, classroom visits 

    MS tours 7:00-8:15 

    Meet in auditorium, walk through building, classroom visits, Q & A in the auditorium 

    (same schedule as last year) 


    February 14th  

    -Dyslexia training 45 minutes 

    -Gail 5-10 minutes to show MS teachers how to log into the social emotional website 

    -Race & Equity-talk about how to move forward with social justice possibly putting together a small group or meet with teams to come up with power points we want to focus on 


    It is projected that we will be adding another Assistant Principle next year 

    Darren will be moving to MS exclusively and we will hire for elementary 


    Action Items: 

    Communicate with team about content/lesson plan for next week 

    Drew lead 6th grade 

    Sam lead 7-8 

    Jenny K-2 

    Xena 3-5 


    Next meeting: February 15th