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    In Attendance: 

    -Gail, Jenny, Carrie, Kevin, Drew, Tess, Neil, Xena, Daren, Tracy, Kerrie 





    1. Review the feedback we received from our parent interviews. The goal would be to use this feedback to finalize the parent survey we want to share with all Salmon Bay families.  


    1. Review the ‘Continuum on Becoming an Anit-Racist Multicultural Organization’ document. How do we want to use this document to guide the December 13th all staff discussion on Race and Equity? Also, what support does Xena need for this meeting?  



    What support does elementary staff need to best use their December 6th meeting time to align SS curriculum.  

    Not Urgent: 

    I would like to set up a time and date before winter break to meet in a smaller group to plan out our Wednesday Early Release schedule for January and February.  






    Possible resources for Social Studies Work 


    Future BLT goal: Begins to develop accountability to racially oppressed communities—or is this the place for us to think about where student voice comes in to our curriculum. 


    12/13 Planning 

    -1 hour of race and equality discussion as a staff 

    -delve deeper into “continuum on Becoming an Anti-Racist Multicultural Organization” 

    -choose a few points to focus on 

    -where are we on the continuum, where do we want to go? 

    -develop a scope and sequence across k-8, maybe start with asking what are we doing now in each grade, moving toward common resources available to pull from 


    12/6 K-5 creates scope and sequence for SS 

    12/13 K-8 we choose a few points from the continuum that we want to focus on 

    1/3 Revisit the SS scope and sequence and check if what we’re doing meets the goals, if not how can we change it? 


    Action Items: 

    -Carrie and Gail will contact Britta about alerting the staff, with the link, when the BLT minutes are posted.  

    -Xena will have two planning documents for the Dec. 13 Race and Equity work. 


    Next meeting: 

    Jan 4 and 18