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    In Attendance: Carrie, Neil, Jenny, Kevin, Drew, Sam, Chris, Xena, Tracy, Kerrie, Ollie, Gail 




    (not sure if this needs to be on the agenda) Notes from 11/1 staff meeting: Staff would like to have more than one hour for PLC days if possible. 

    Specialists who are off-site/otherwise occupied on job-alike days would like some way to stay connected to discussions scheduled for those days—particularly Middle School. Suggestion that specialists each join a ms team for team mtgs.  

    Is it possible to make more time prior to grades being due? 


    Race and Equity 

    Next steps for next Race and Equity training (notes from 11/8 staff meeting): What are the next steps in our classrooms? How can we promote/display diverse images? Hands on project work has been shown to highly effective In the past for Native populations. How do we teach children how to be in the world? How do we model how we value each other? Valuing differences, even if they are not racial differences? Videos—who is speaking with an authoritative voice in them, representing the group you're learning about. Bringing in speakers or authors or to share expertise—take the extra step to find a counter narrative. Don't let little comments slide—how do we react and teach? Do you say, "That's racist. That's sexist," as a teacher with students? Say something every single time—zero tolerance, how do we do this without shame or embarrassment? How can we be proactive rather than reactive? Will this be through BLT or a race and equity committee? 


    How can race and equity work be integrated into the curriculum (i.e.- via social studies) 





    *Removing $900 from the Stipend budget to balance it. 

    Is the race and equality/social justice work part of our school identity?  


    How do these discussions connect to our vision? What is our vision and what does it look like in the classroom? How do we create instructional supports so we don't leave this up to teacher bandwith? 


    Projects are not equitable if they mean you have to do a lot of work at home. 


    Action Items: 

    Xena will lead a small group for Race and Equity strategy work, focused on ready to use (prepare for Dec. 13 training) Goal: eventually to have a year-long plan that addresses this. Connect to work on Social Studies year-long planning, also considering integrating this into Language Arts and other instruction. 

    **Find teachers not necessarily on BLT who would like to be on this committee. Ari? Parents on the diversity committee? Yes magazine  parent?