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    In Attendance: Neil, Kevin, Drew, Gail, Kerrie, Tracy, Xena

    Jenny is downtown at a training and is sorry she can't be there!


    Data for CSIP

    October 13th PD

    Playground norms

    Hallway expectations


    Writing Data

    -Protocols for CWS & rubric

    -1 min think, 3 min write

    -November 3rd data is due, baseline for evaluation goals

    -Have premade documents to input data into 

    First name / Last name / ID# / Data given / CWS / Rubric score

    Students with IEP's allowed to use typing/spell check if they have typing acc

    October 13th PD

    -Salmon Bay's Vision

    --Friday sing, camps, field trips (why we do these)

    --use old vision statements to start the discussion

    -Pre-structure SB vision (what is our story?)

    --Whole child – developmentally appropriate

    --- emotional regulation (ruler, advisory, what gaps do we have?) social (how to work with others, community), academic (PBL, multidisciplinary, counter narratives, arts), physical, curiosity & identity (who am I? Identity safety)

    Next meeting:
    10/26 @ 7:30 am

    (Planning meeting 10/20 @ 3:35)