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    Carrie, Jenny, Neil, Kevin, Gail, Sam, Tess, Chris, Darren, Drew, Kerrie, Tracy 




    1. Debrief the early release plan for Wednesdays we will be creating this Friday (10/20). This way the entire BLT can have input before we take it to the whole school. 

    2. Vision: Reflect on feedback we received this past Friday and plan for next steps. Maybe establish a smaller group that could meet and move this process forward.   






    Not Urgent: 

    1. PLC Groups: Is there any support needed for these groups to keep momentum going? 

    2. Playground norms 

    3. Hallway expectations 



    Wednesday PD Days 


    November 1 – plan for conferences (2:30-3:30) 

    -elementary have already begun scheduling 

    -MS will start around Halloween 

    -elementary, are students welcome? All of conference? ½? 0? 

    -MS – portfolio? 

    --less is more (choose a few, go in-depth) 

    --science teachers using laptops to show Amplify work 

    -elementary – what is the flow? Hit all main subjects? 

    --with no progress reports yet, what do we use? 

    -MS – how do we prepare students? (4th & 5th 


    November 8 

    -this PLC time is switched with a staff meeting 

    -goals are due in, signed off by 15th 

    -race and equality (2:30-3:30) 

    --TED talk 


    November 15 

    -MS – reflection forms (how to use them) 

    -MS – PRIDE citizenship rollout 

    -staff meeting (2:30-3:30) 

    -job alike (3:30-4:30) 


    November 29 

    -PLC, then staff meeting 


    December 6 

    -staff meeting-common planning/tech-district training 

    -elementary-social studies alignment across grades 

    --MS social studies teachers in attendance or are we not ready yet? 


    December 13 

    -staff meeting – race & equality 

    --Elementary – more interested in strategies, teacher moves, celebrations of diversity, social 



    Salmon Bay Vision – next steps? 

    Why did you choose to come to Salmon Bay? What are you hoping for your child? Have you 

    been here for 8 years? Did you come in at 6th grade? Why did new elementary families choose 

    Salmon Bay? Location? History? Create a timeline? 

    FOSB meeting around this? Survey during Parent-Teacher conferences? 


    Next meetings: 

    November 14th 7:30-8:30  

    November 30th 7:30-8:30 (SB Vision)