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    In Attendance: Kerrie, Xena, Darren, Gail, Neil, Drew, Sam, Jenny, Tracy, Chris, Carrie 



    There is an Ethnic Studies lessons plan K-12 pilot planned to start up next year by the district. 


    Discussion about feedback from our Race & Equality Work Across K-8 survey given at our last meeting. 

    Xena, Darren, Gail, and Drew, will meet as a small group to fine tune all of the ideas generated sometime after next week's meeting. 

    Xena will put together a document that combines all of the feedback to bring to the meeting on January 10th 


    January 10th meeting: 

    -Sam will lead meeting next week. 

    -Xena will present document (30 minutes) 

    -7-8 presenting critical friendship goal (1 hour).  

    -K-5/MS reflection time (30 minutes) 


    Neil shared results of a survey taken by the diversity committee.  


    Action Items: 

    Xena, Darren, Gail, Drew will meet after Jan 10th meeting to fine tune Race & Equality information. Date TBD 

    Drew, Jenny, Sam, Chris, Neil will meet to plan PD days this Friday Jan 5th at 3:30 in Neil's office 


    Next meeting: 

    January 18th