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    Thursday, February 7, 2019

    7:38 AM

    In Attendance: Jodi, Shelby, Annie, Sam, Neil, Carrie, Xena, Drew, Trevor, Bre




    1. Vision – discuss analysis of results from vision activity and plan for next steps
    2. PD feedback – the last session of our 4-part PD series is 2/13.  We need to decide how staff can give feedback on the process and share their learning
    3. Budget – frame budget process and acknowledge upcoming budget cuts




    • regular meeting times going forward – planning for 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month
    • Vision
    • Budget
    • Explanation of spreadsheet of data from vision activity
    • Xena: Social emotional is pretty clear top three
      • Seems to be many connections between experiential learning, project based learning, inquiry based learning – one option is to ask more questions and find connections to combine these categories
      • One thought is how to incorporate neurodiverse learning with social emotional learning to give context
    • Are there three that support social emotional, academic and how we interact (top four: social emotional, inquiry based learning, incorporating neurodiverse, social justice racial equity – this is three if incorporate neurodiverse into social emotional)
    • How to refine ideas – possibly present three to staff and dig deeper
    • Running similar with families at FOSB tonight
      • PD feedback
    • Moving forward
      • oone option instead of two
      • Groups took on a lot, how to narrow focus (ex. part rather than whole book)
      • What went well, was challenging? As well as take aways/learnings.
      • At next week's session – take time to gather what are some things you would like to share with whole staff from group times (share out on March 13th)
      • Half sheet – pluses and deltas
    • Neil- Framing budget process and acknowledging upcoming budget cuts
    • BLT's to create some options for staff to look at, a few possibilities: status quo option, preserve staffing option, centralist budget for a year option, looking at options around electives, etc.
    • Conversation about priorities is part of this conversation



    Action Items:

    • Vision subgroup – Xena, Drew, Annie, Sam to propose to BLT next step for staff
    • Bre will make a half sheet of pluses and deltas around PD feedback and send to BLT
    • Send out message to PD Leaders about half sheet (above) and gathering things to share out on March 13th 
    • Neil will bring two budgets to bring to BLT to talk through



    Next meetings:



    Plan to meet 1st and 3rd week of each month