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    BLT 6/20/19

    Attendees: Neil, Jodi, Shelby, Bre, Talia, Gabi, Kerrie, Tracy, Trevor, Joelle, Xena, Audrey, Annie, Drew



    • Determine BLT Retreat date
    • Review feedback around vision statements – make revisions
    • Review common practice expectations


    1. Each attendee spoke about either their experience on the BLT (wins, areas of growth) or their hopes for joining the BLT.
    2. BLT yearly agenda 2019-20
      1. PD Planning
      2. Budget
      3. CSIP
    3. BLT August Retreat – August 22nd, 2019 @1:30-5:30pm, location TBD (Ballard)
      1. TRI Days
      2. Calendar planning (BLT meeting dates)
      3. PD rough plan
      4. Make Vision statements/artwork ready to go for start of 2019-20 school year
        1. Look at Vision action plan