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    5/2/19 (CSIP)

    Thursday, May 2, 2019

    7:35 AM


    Empasis on Planning Time


    Connect our new school vision to our school’s C-SIP:

    1.      Social-Emotional

    2.      Inquiry-Based/Experiential Learning

    3.      Social Justice

    *Weave our focus on neurodiversity through our three pillars*

    PLC Groupings: How do we best create PLC groupings?

    -Self selection

    -Team based 


    Summer Curriculum Planning Sessions:

    1.      School Year Curriculum Map

    2.      Monthly Calendar 

    3.      Daily Lessons 

    Curricular Considerations:

    ·        Co-teaching model

    ·        Small group instruction


    Communication to Staff

    • We will present on May 8th staff meeting a focus for our 2019-20 professional development
      • Focus: structuring and supporting professional collaboration
        • Alignment within grade-level bands (K-5) and across teams (K-8)
        • Time and structures for planning content and learning experiences
        • Planning for small group learning and differentiation
        • Supporting our MTSS process with timely and measured interventions




    Social Justice