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    BLT 3/28/19

    Attendees: Kerrie, Sam, Neil, Annie, Drew, Xena, Bre, Tracy



    • Feedback from 4-part PD sessions
    • Plan future BLT-directed purple Wednesday’s on calendar
    • Discuss timeline and groupings for continuing vision work and CSIP


    4-part PD Sessions Feedback

    • Culturally Responsive Teaching
      • Reading material wasn't followed
        • Recommendation: photocopy pages, read during meeting, discuss
      • Group tended to focus more on "safer subjects" such as gender discrimination versus race
    • Math Discourse
      • Group enjoyed activities in which they played the role of the student
    • General notes
      • Timing was an issue
        • Shorter time between PD sessions to gain better traction
        • PD aligned to school year (ex. curriculum PD during the Fall)
      • Some voiced they didn't fully understand the rationale for these sessions
      • Some sessions felt disjointed
      • Have a better developed plan – possible use of non-purple Wednesdays to reflect, read, etc. on PD material
      • Have material that is directly applicable to their teaching practice
      • BLT Sub Committee to focus on PD planning


    Action Steps

    • Small Group Vision work – meet 4/5 @4:00pm
      • Staff mtg 4/24/19
        • Vision update
        • Proctor training
    • Small Group CSIP work
    • Kerrie will send poll to get members to join either CSIP or vision work


    NEXT MEETING: 4/25/19 @7:30-8:30AM