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    BLT 11/8/18

    Attendees: Drew, Neil, Darren, Sam, Bre, Trevor, Jodi, Xena, Tracy, Kerrie, Shelby, Annie, Chris



    • Salmon Bay Vision


    Salmon Bay Vision

    • Recap, reviewed prior documents
      • Arts, Whole Child, Social Justice, PBL?, Experiences
    • What is our tag line?
    • Is our vision: what are we doing? Or what do we want to do?
    • Reason for this vision work: narrowing our focus, updating our values due to new wave of teachers and administration
    • Process
      • Option: Start with a one-page description of what it looks like for a student to go from kindergarten through 8th grade at Salmon Bay
        • What are the goals? What does the process look like?
      • Option: write down all our ideas on notecards, prioritize the notecards to our core values
        • Send survey to parents with a list of our values, have them rank them – not yet, too many surveys
          • First develop narrowed vision by staff, present to parents and ask for reaction
    • What we need to move forward
      • Timeline
      • Community input: chats, focus groups, survey
      • Staff input
      • Shared values


    Action Steps

    • Vision Team (Xena, Sam, Drew, Trevor) will come up with a process and propose this process to the BLT
      • Vision Team --> BLT --> Staff --> Community


    NEXT MEETING: 11/29/18 @7:30-8:30am