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    BLT 10/25/18 

    Attendees: Neil, Darren, Annie, Bre, Chris, Drew, Xena, Kevin, Sam, Trevor, Jodi, Kerrie, Tracy 



    • Finalize next purple PD days (11/7, 12/12, 1/9, 2/13) 

      • Finalize which PDs to offer when, who will lead, who will attend which session 

    • BLT Middle School parent rep 

    • Re-open conversation around vision 


    Purple PD Day Planning 

    • Two, one-hour sessions: 1st hour academic focus, 2nd hour support/social-emotional focus 

      • PD Options: Math Discourse, Socratic Seminar, Guided Reading, CRT Book Study, Supporting Learning Differences 

    • K/1 Plan for these sessions: how to make choice time more structured (Jenny will lead, there is an anchor text to guide PD) 

    • Each person will have a Session 1 and a Session 2, each session will have four parts (taught over the four PD days) 

    • Share out in February during a staff meeting 


    PD Day Sessions 

    • Session 1: Math Discourse (lead by Drew, ??), Socratic Seminar (lead by Karly, Sam), Guided Reading (lead by Jaxie, Jan, Ticely), K/1 Choice Time (lead by Jenny M) 

    • Session 2: CRT Book Study (lead by Christina, Xena), Supporting Learning Differences (lead by Kevin, ??) 


    BLT Middle School parent rep 

    • A couple people have applied but aren't committed to being here for two years 

    • Keep looking? 


    Action Steps 

    • Trevor will ask specialists if they think academic/social-emotional PD benefits them 

    • Kevin will touch base will all SPED teachers to gather interest in leading Supporting Learning Differences PD 

    • Annie will reach out to Jan and Ticely to ask to help facilitate Guided Reading PD 

    • Reach out to staff who haven't responded to survey to figure out session choices 

    • E-mail all leaders of PD series – ask them to get overall plan for four sessions, what resources do they need?  


    NEXT MEETING: 11/8/18 

    • Next BLT meeting focus on Vision work, Neil will bring previous work done on this idea