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    BLT 9/13/18 

    Attendees: Neil, Darren, Sam, Drew, Kevin, Trevor, Kerrie, Tracy, Jodi, Bre, Xena, Margaret, Chris 



    • Bring aboard new BLT members 

    • BLT Nuts and Bolts 

    • Curriculum Night 

    • PLC Launch 


    BLT Nuts and Bolts 

    • Next Wednesday (9/19/18) early release time staff will have time to plan for Curriculum Night  

    • Meeting schedule: 2x per month (may vary), Thursdays 7:30am-8:30am 

    • Chair: Drew, Co-Chair: Xena, Note Taker: Kerrie, Time Keeper: Kevin 

    • Discussion of parent rep 


    Curriculum Night (9/20/18) 

    • MS Request: do not have SS and LA together in one presentation  

    • 6:15pm-7:45pm Elementary, 7pm-8:30pm Middle School 

      • 6:15pm start accounts for CoHo drop-off for childcare  

    • Elementary will have two half-hour sessions 

      • Introductions 6:15-6:30 (Auditorium) 

      • 6:40-7:10, 7:15-7:45 (Classroom sessions) 

      • One-page handout for parents  

      • Topics: Friday Sing, Leila, Jaxie, Camp, “Who Am I”, multidisciplinary philosophy (“whole child”), voice level charts  

    • Middle School  

      • “0 Period” 7-7:20 (Art, theater, music, PE, geometry, SPED) 

        • Parents can go to library at this time to learn how to get on Schoology and find relevant documents  

        • Linda, Darren, and/or (possible parent?) will lead 

      • Four Core Rotation 

        • Ex: Last name A-K Olympic will go through rotation of Math à ELA à SS à Science (Cascades, 6th will go through same rotation, different order) 

        • Cohort going through a set rotation (rather than following your child’s schedule) 

        • 7:20-7:35, 7:40-7:55, 8-8:15, 8:20-8:35 

        • 15 minute sessions, 5 minutes to transition  

      • Highlights from parents 

        • Tips/strategies for parents how to help their child being successful (time management, etc.) 

        • How the curriculum ties together across subject areas 

        • Key topics (curriculum map, outline large projects) 

        • What teachers need from parents  

        • Hand-outs for parents  


    Action Steps 

    • Figure out when parents can sign up to lead/participate in school events (sign-up sheets) 

      • Tonight (9/13/18) or Curriculum Night  

    • Xena and Bre will share curriculum night documents with Elementary 

    • Drew will share curriculum night documents with Middle School  

    • Find parent to co-lead Schoology briefing in library at Curriculum Night – possibly FOSB Chair 

      • Jodi will follow-up 


    • Invite Carmen to next BLT meeting  


    NEXT BLT MEETING: 9/27/18