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    Thursday, May 16, 2019

    7:21 AM

    BLT 5/16/19

    Attendees: Neil, Drew, Annie, Kerrie, Tracy, Drew, Jodi, Trevor, Sam, Bre, Xena



    • Meeting dates
    • Break into small groups
      • CSIP – complete today
      • Vision


    Meetings/Important Dates

    • May 29th – small group finish Vision work
    • May 30th – BLT
    • June 12th – Present Vision work to the staff
    • June 20th – BLT (final meeting – include new members)



    • What is the Race & Equity Team's role in supporting closing the gap?
    • Implementing Restorative Justice Circles
    • How to structure Wednesday early release days
      • What do PLCs look like?
      • What do we do on Green Days?



    • Took our big ideas and created one sentence for each idea
      • Together they form the basis for our school's vision
    • Big idea sentences
      • We/Students learn by investigating authentic problems guided by their own curiosity (and questioning).
      • We/Students grow through hands-on classroom and field-based/community-based learning experiences.
      • Students access learning through multiple means of engagement and multiple means of expressing their learning.  OR We invest and plan for the active engagement of all students through providing multiple entry points for learning.
      • We engage students in the work of social justice through examining identity and developing knowledge and skills to challenge inequities in our community.
      • We/Students develop social and emotional intelligence through our intentional building of community and direct instruction.
      • We create a school climate that provides safety for all students and promotes connection and responsibility for each other.


    NEXT MEETING: 5/30/19 @7:30-8:30am