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    Kindergarten Supply List

    For your child’s personal use:

    • 1 wide ruled composition journal (name written on inside cover)
    • 1 change of clothing in a ziplock bag (labeled with your child’s name)
    • A water bottle (labeled with your child’s name)
    • A helmet for PE (we will not need these until later in the year)


    • For rest time they may bring a towel or blanket 2 feet x 4 feet (no larger than 46”x28”)
    • One small stuffed animal for comfort

    Supplies we need for the classroom. Donations are optional and we communally share supplies.

    • Bandaids, especially the ones sized for little fingers
    • Crayola watercolor paint box 8 colors (or preferred brand)
    • Crayola thick washable markers (or preferred brand)
    • Crayola thin washable markers (or preferred brand)
    • Glue sticks (over 1 oz. in size only for little fingers)
    • Expo dry erase markers
    • Painters tape
    • Scotch tape or masking tape
    • Gallon sized Ziploc bags
    • #2- 3-sided Ticonderoga (or like) pencils available at OfficeMax, Fred Meyer,
    • Amazon etc. larger/fat size “Laddie” (name for larger size Ticonderoga brand- ideally with no erasers)
    • 1 box of snack crackers or package of dried fruit for supplementing and emergencies
    • Plain ream of copy paper
    • Heavy duty water color paper
    • 1 box of tissues
    • 1 box of oil pastels
    • 1 box color pencils
    • 1 black sharpie

    If purchasing school supplies is a financial burden for your family, please contact the main office (206-252-1720). We are happy to assist you with obtaining the supplies.