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    November Professional Development Planning 


    11/1- Staff Meeting (re: conference) + Job Alike 

    11/8- PD (race and equity) + PLC 

    11/15- Job Alike + (MS) Discipline/Reflection [PRIDE] 



    11/29- PLC + Staff Meeting (common expectations) 


    November Theme- Who Am I? 


    December Professional Development Planning 


    12/6- Tech/Common Planning + ??? [Elem K-5 Social Studies alignment] 

    12/13- PD + Staff Meeting 


    January Professional Development Planning 





    There seems to be a lot of different models or approaches for how parent teacher conferences are happening 


    K-5 possibilities 

    Culturally responsive teaching 

    Concrete strategies for mental health needs 


    Social studies across the grade levels 


    Piggy backing/integrating culturally responsive teaching to something we're doing already- Friday morning sing and social justice angle; Dr. Seuss month through with an equity lens; 

    Identify the needs in this area of teachers? Survey? 

    Get a speaker to catalyze thinking, use continuum document, case study + table talk around the situation or other entry activity/experience to get conversation going and feedback from where teachers are