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    Neil, Sam, Drew, Jenny, and Chris 


    Identify structure and focus/goals or objectives for Wednesday PD days for the next four weeks 


    What is the structure for our Wednesday PD days? 

    School ends at 2:10 

    District offerings happening between 2:40-4:40 



    One hour is school/district directed—principals can call two meetings per month 

    One hour is teacher directed 

    PLC meetings 

    Aligning team/individual goals w/CSIP so that we can organize PD to support those goals 


    NOV. 15 Goal 1 Setting Deadline 


    Writing—Quality and Fluency focus K-8 


    In spreadsheet include district explanation? 


    Chris to pull together a narrative of how time is used for Wednesday PD to share before staff  

    Sam to pull together clean version of initial schedule 


    In-service and professional development days provide us valuable time to work together as a staff to better meet the needs of our Salmon Bay students.  This year, we're fortunate to have early release days every Wednesday to convene in our PLCs, content and grade level teams, as well as a whole staff to look at student data, improve our instruction and lift school-wide priorities (i.e.- WEP, school events, educational technology, etc.).  To better manage and maximize our time, the BLT is proposing we structure our available time together in a more holistic way that allows more flexibility in how we collectively schedule Wednesdays and other shared staff time.  It will also enable us to be more responsive to the short, medium, and long term needs of students and staff.  Below is a proposed draft of the schedule for October that includes topics to be covered.  


    Garner feedback from staff on how we can use time (I.e.- EL v. MS staff meetings, WEP, other