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    Bylaws need to put before staff at next staff meeting 

    Gayle has agreed to be specialist representative 



    1. TRI Day PD Reflection: 

    -What should we keep and change about our TRI days for next year? 

           2. Review Wednesday schedule and make a PD plan. 

           3. Organize a PD for all staff or middle school staff for Office365.   





    1. Middle school needs time to align and set up their gradebook to a Standards Based Grading model 



    1. October 13th PD Plan? 


    Not Urgent 


    Action Steps 




    Middle school standardizing grading system 

    support setting up grade book 

    How do numbers translate to traditional grading system? 


    Next PD day 9/20 

    Leadership/district directed 

    2:30-3 Staff meeting at the end 

    • Safety 

    • Curriculum night (What are the components we should be covering?) 

    -Elementary (6-7pm) one session  

    -Middle School (7-8:15pm) : 5 sessions 

    • Assessment 

    3-4:0 PLC oriented 


    27th focused on Tech/common planning (6th grade gone to camp) 


    PLC goals by 11/15 

    Identify for specialists what group(s) to push in to 


    Need clarity on how time is used as well as what the focus should be 


    Meeting Friday, 9/15 after school