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    Tuesday May 23rd, 2017


    BLT Members Present: 

    Principal: Neil Gerrans                          Parapro: Megan Ratcliffe

    Primary: Jenny Melnick                         Cascades: Sam Olson

    Librarian: Linda Illman                          6th Grade Team: Jennifer Fanning (Drew)

    SAEOP:  Carrie Wallace                         Sped:  Kerrie Bash

    Intermediate: Nicolette Jensen               Olympics:  Victoria Schurman  (Kevin)

    Parent Rep:  Tess McShane                   Parent Rep:  John Bernhardt  (Chris)


    Meeting discussion:

    BLT Replacements:  Some parents have offered to replace parent reps, both elementary reps.  Discussion about proposed candidates.


    Motion to invite Chris Alejano to join the BLT rep as an Elementary Rep and Tess McShane to extend her stay as a Middle school Rep. 


    Motion Seconded and Approved


    Thanks to John Bernhardt for his contributions and support of BLT for his time


    PD Development for F/P Assessment system:  Discussion for upcoming options for elementary PD training regarding F/P.  Options include

            1.  Everyone does online training

            2.  One individual goes to training and Train the Trainer workshop and then                 trains SB staff in 3 hour training.


    Possible options:  Train the trainer model, invite Jaxie Binder to represent SB, bring back resources that we can front load before TRI day training.

    Goal of common experience and completion are strengths of Trainer model


    Straw vote was taken.  12 – 2 in favor of Train the trainer model. 

    Elementary staff can be given info and quick opportunity to weigh in


    Homework policy (10 minutes per grade)

    Include a few changes, send to staff


    Next meeting: Tuesday June 13th, 2017 7:30

    Submitted by Megan Ratcliffe

    May 23rd, 2017