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    Tuesday May 9th, 2017


    BLT Members Present: 

    Principal: Neil Gerrans                          Parapro: Megan Ratcliffe

    Primary: Jenny Melnick                         Cascades: Sam Olson

    Librarian: Linda Illman                          6th Grade Team: Jennifer Fanning

    SAEOP:  Carrie Wallace                         Sped:  Kerrie Bash

    Intermediate: Nicolette Jensen               Olympics:  Victoria Schurman

    Parent Rep:  Tess McShane


    Meeting discussion


    New parents members:  Review Bylaws to evaluate parent selection.  Bring up open spot at Upcoming FOSB meeting.  Hopeful to have one parent stay on for consistency. 


    Team Reps:  Time to look who might replace 2nd year members.  Go back to teams to look for replacements.  Potential June Social event. 


    Spring CSIP goals:  Focus on writing and writing data.  Use this year’s goals to continue work.  District would like revision/replacement by June 15th.

    Discussion:  Plans for 2017/18

    • Previous focus – PBL writing (start of year)


    • This year – Include PBL but perhaps include curriculum planning and universal instruction


    • Professional Development Goals:Longer range planning or anchor Projects.Planning elements are important.Bigger picture map could be helpful.Curriculum mapping could be helpful.To help avoid resource conflicts.


    • This year PLC was helpful for 7th/8th language arts focus.Concrete rubrics that support the curriculum


    • Offers of assistance – Charity Allen as PBL support, another volunteer who has offered literacy support.Use these resources as breakout sessions during TRI days.Homegrown efforts showcasing teacher practice but include professional experts.




      Circles of interest/development


    • Professional development


    • Collaboration needs


    • Elementary work


    • Middle school


    • All school




      School Year Org








              Grading Practices


      Reading Curriculum




      Using Tech


              Google Calendar






              Windows 365


      Curriculum Adoptions


              Science MS


              K5 Reading


              Science Elem (opt in)






      Conferencing w/ kids


      Workshop model:  Use resources w/I staff




      What is the agreement for Wednesdays? Personal




    Science curriculum waiver/Grant update: Unknown date of acceptance


    Interviews Upcoming:  K/1


    Next meeting: Tuesday May 23rd, 2017 7:30

    Submitted by Megan Ratcliffe

    May 9th, 2017




    Reflection/Summative Assessment