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    Tuesday February 14th, 2017


    BLT Members Present: 

    Principal: Neil Gerrans                          Parapro: Megan Ratcliffe

    Primary: Jenny Melnick                         Cascades: Sam Olson

    Librarian: Linda Illman                          6th Grade Team: Jennifer Fanning

    SAEOP:  Carrie Wallace                         Sped:  Kerrie Bash

    Intermediate: Nicolette Jensen               Olympics: 

    Parent Rep:  John Burkhardt (phone)


    Budget discussion


    We have 4 scenarios that we’ve developed and are considered:


    BLT Options discussion:  Table talk to evaluate different scenarios


    Option A: Status Quo (and what it would cost us)

    Option B: Cuts to PCP

    Option C: Cuts to Front Office

    Option D: Cuts to Intervention Support

    Option E:  Share the Pain Option – smaller cuts across PCP, Front Office, and Intervention


    We need to cut 1.5 position at the minimum.  With a 1.5 position reduction, we are still looking at subsidizing $300,000 to supplement our budget.  Those funds will come from FOSB, Levy, Reserves and SB allocation.


    February 28th will be when more information is available from the district regarding actual funds. 


    Our next meeting is being moved to Thursday afternoon, March 2nd, at 3:30 to give more time to discuss the district updates and how they affect the above scenarios. 


    Next meeting: Thursday March 2nd, 2017 7:30

    Submitted by Megan Ratcliffe

    February 14th, 2017