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    Tuesday December 13th, 2016


    BLT Members Present: 

    Principal: Neil Gerrans

    Primary: Jenny Melnick

    Librarian: Linda Illman

    Cascades: Sam Olson

    6th Grade Team: Jennifer Fanning

    Parapro: Megan Ratcliffe

    SAEOP:  Carrie Wallace

    Sped:  Kerrie Bash

    Intermediate: Nicolette Jensen

    Olympics:  Victoria Schurman

    Parent Rep:  Tess McShane


    BLT Role:

    Establish a plan that offers options based on allocation.

    Take plan of options to staff

    Awareness of staff effects


    Budget discussion: 

    How to plan?

    January:  Numbers come from District level to school board level

    Goal – No RIF’s

    Plan for best case and worst-case scenarios

    Acknowledgement that we will most likely be short 1.5 FTE at least



    Enrollment changes, including large size and what is out there

    How will Robert Eagle Staff change our enrollment

    Can teachers have any say in potential options (job share? Part time)

    First year teachers could potentially get displaced in RIF process



    Next meeting: January 17th, 2017 7:30


    Submitted by Megan Ratcliffe

    December 13th, 2016