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    Tuesday November 8th, 2016


    BLT Members Present: 

    Principal: Neil Gerrans

    Primary: Jenny Melnick

    Librarian: Linda Illman

    Cascades: Sam Olson

    6th Grade Team: Jennifer Fanning

    Parapro: Megan Ratcliffe

    SAEOP:  Carrie Wallace


    CSIP Date update:  November 15th, 2016

    Finish CSIP today/tomorrow


    Good sense of data:  Writing goals

    Ex:  2nd grade – more than half meeting standard on CWS (correct word sequence). 


    Elementary Data so far:  Composite measure of initial baseline

    Level 1 48 red  30% (lowest)

    Level 2 35 yellow  22% 

    Level 3 70 green  43%  At or above standard

    Level 4 8 blue  5%    Above standard


    6th grade scores:  Middle school measure 

    (less than 29 WPM)  Level 1

    (Power paragraph)   Rubric score/Composite score


    Level 1 13 red 16% (lowest)

    Level 2 32 yellow 41% 

    Level 3 17 green  22%  At or above standard

    Level 4 17 blue  22%    Top 10%


    We are not doing state assessment so collecting data should be a little easier. 



    1.  How do we make sure our data set is complete?  No gaps.      

    2.  How to distribute workload?

    3.  Can we put in systems if this is an annual evaluation?

            PLC time was helpful to maintain

    4.  What does on demand actually look like?

    5.  How can the earlier writing help later work?



    Goal:  What is our consistency goals?  Calibration goals?


    Classroom Culture; Metrics include hallway, expectations in classroom


    Gap Closing Goal:  Focuses on students of color (70% + is Caucasian)


            Which group should we focus on?



    • Neil will send document electronically.


    • Would love a few people to look at it and help complete and wrap up


    • Ready to finish the document




      1. Find missing data:Olympics and Cascades, ½ 5th grade


      2. K-2 team to contribute measure to support literacy


      3. Does the document read well – Linda


      4. Hope to have document read by next Tuesday


      5. Sam will offer prep to go over middle school section






        Thoughts of Early Release


        No BLT meeting on 11/15


        Go over CSIP goals with entire staff


        Potential conversation of grading practice and the consistency of it.






    BLT Days: December 6th 2016

    PD Days:  Upcoming – November 16th


    Next meeting: December 6th 2016 7:30


    Submitted by Megan Ratcliffe

    November 8th, 2016