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    BLT MEETING September 13th

    Neil Gerrans, Principal
    Darren Frink, Asst. Principal
    Sam Olson, Cascade
    Linda Illman, Librarian
    Carrie Wallace, Office
    Kerrie Bash, Elementary Sped
    Jennifer, 6th grade team
    Tess McShane, Parent
    Nicolette Jensen, Intermediate
    Jennie Brooks, Counseling
    John Barnhardt, Parent
    Victoria Schurman, Olympics Team 7th/8th


    Overview: Review Bylaws

    BLT function ideas:  Established for 3 purposes

    • Develop comprehensive SIP (Fall)
    • Development of school budget (Feb)
    • Development of professional development (all year)


    • Representatives to FOSB parent meeting and help represent work to parents.
    • Understand what yearly calendar will look like.
    • Promotional materials for tour dates
    • Programmatic discussion (K-8 WEP?, artist in residence, proposing using funds that were slated for Mary K for other elementary type enrichment activities during the rhythm of the Friday middle school WEP days)
    • What would be the BLT focus? Potential programming for content and nuts/bolts running of TRI days and early release day. Is there capacity for BLT to run those meetings? Twin focus on writing and Project based learning.

    Question: Committee work, broken out to support different goals? Ad hoc groups to work on specialized goals. CSIP would be a good project to break down. CSIP could be moral and reflective documents.

    Data points:  Smarter balance, Climate survey (student and staff), attendance data,

    Question:  How does your outlying group do in your school?  Salmon Bay’s group might not be racial but more special ed.

    Meetings times discussion:

    Committee Hopes:

    How to make the CSIP a working document?
    How to acclimate new staff and what are the systems?
    Focus on systems of Salmon Bay to be clear and transparent?
    Writing and PBL focus
    Day to day systems, i.e.: transitions during class, proactive instead of reactive
    How to maintain community Friday sing?
    Communications with parents?  Easier/or faster?
    Social/Emotional Learning, school wide and staff
    Overarching goals of staff, program, and year.
    Potential Sub Committees

    September 28th PD day – On demand writing analysis for teams. 
    Come out with sense of goal (grammar, sense of voice)

    October 14th PD full day – Deeper work

    Note taker:  Megan Ratcliffe
    Timekeeper:  Linda Illman
    BLT Chair:  Nicolette Jensen/John B support

    Meeting Schedule:

    1. Twice monthly
    2. Tuesdays, 7:30 – 8:30 a.m.
    3. Next meeting Sept 27th

    Submitted September 13th, 2016

    Next meeting, Tuesday September 27th, 2016.  7:30 AM.