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    Salmon Bay Mission

    We Empower Compassionate, Creative and Independent Thinkers.


    Salmon Bay K-8 will provide all students with a physically and emotionally safe space to engage in challenging, integrated and experiential learning, and will prepare them to become resourceful and responsible citizens in an ever-changing, diverse world.

    At Salmon Bay 

    • We plan for the active engagement of all students by providing multiple ways to access and express learning. 
    • We teach social skills and emotional intelligence to create a safe school community and promote responsibility for each other.
    • We grow and build confidence through hands-on classroom and field-based learning experiences.
    • We investigate authentic problems that deepen our understanding and curiosity about the world.
    • We engage in the work of social justice by examining identity, building knowledge and developing skills to challenge inequities.


    As a staff, we hold ourselves responsible for exemplifying the following shared values:

    • Relationships Grounded in Trust
    • Inquiry-based, Authentic and Experiential Learning through Hands-On Projects
    • Service to the Larger Community
    • Integration of Athletics and Arts with the General Curriculum
    • Enhanced Learning Through Computer Literacy Skills
    • Equal Status and Respect for all Members of the School Community

    As an extension of our shared values, we explicitly teach our students the following research-based character strengths:

    • Optimism – Expecting the best in the future and working to achieve it.
    • Grit – Persistence combined with resilience; ability to complete something despite obstacles. 
    • Curiosity – Finding things fascinating; taking an interest in experience/learning for its own sake.
    • Social Intelligence – Being aware of motives and feelings of other people and oneself. 
    • Gratitude – Being aware of and thankful for opportunities and good things that happen. 
    • Self-Control – Regulating what one does with one's feelings; being self-disciplined.
    • Zest – Approaching life and learning with excitement, joy and energy.
    • Creativity - Coming up with new ways of doing things; thinking outside the box.
    • Compassion - Developing empathy for others; displaying care through action
    • Independent Thinking – The desire to think for oneself.